Philippe Vogeleer

Philippe Vogeleer is Vodafone Group’s Global Head of Business Development. He is based in London.

His role consists of building alliances, partnerships, and serving as special envoy of the company in the 100+ countries where it delivers services. Philippe and his 303 strong team recently won a license to start operating telecom services in Ethiopia, after a two years long competitive race. This win puts an end to a 126 years monopoly and gives Vodafone access to a high growth market of 112m people. This is the biggest win of Vodafone in emerging markets in the last 23 years. It will allow Vodafone, Vodacom, Safaricom, Sumitomo, the UK CDC, the US DFC, and 75 local partners to boost data coverage from 6% today to 98% in two years via a combo of terrestrial mobile and low orbit satellite networks, to create 1 to 1.5m jobs, and ultimately to lift dozens of millions of people economically.

Prior to joining Vodafone, Philippe held senior positions for Ooredoo (Qatar), for Orange (France), and for Deloitte. He has lived in 10 countries so far and worked in 74. He holds a Master’s degree in Law; a Master’s degree in Media & Comms; and an (Executive) MBA.